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Test Knitting

This page has everything you need to know about test knitting for Meridittle Makes. I try to include as much information and help as possible so please let me know if something is missing!

Please read through this page before applying for a test knit so you know what the expectations are for the process. 

What I need from you

What you'll get from me

  • A standardised pattern that will follow this structure.

  • A detailed schematic (apart from for socks) which will show all the measurements for each size and the recommended ease, so you can make the right choice for your body and your fit / style preference.

  • A free copy of the pattern which you can keep for personal use, forever.

  • An Instagram Group during the test where we will discuss anything that's coming up (while you are not obliged to be part of this, it is where the most up-to-date conversation will be, so I recommend being in it even if you're not writing anything).

  • A live Google Doc which will be updated as we go with any changes that come from the testing process.

  • Video tutorials (either mine or links to other great ones).

  • My eternal gratitude and another pattern of your choice for free once the test is complete!

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