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Hi, I'm Meri.

Lovely to see you! Thank you for visiting my little online maker space. I work out of my lovely house in East Bristol where I get to spend time with my partner and our dogs, Bernard and Leily.

The aim of Meridittle Makes is to create beautiful things for beautiful memories, and to celebrate the hand-made and the individual.



I'm an aspiring knitwear designer, working on building an inspiring and inclusive range of patterns that you can buy and make your own!

Move slow and make things

Although I learned to knit as a young child, I didn't pick it up in earnest until 2019 when my grandmother fell ill. And it was like something switched in my brain and since then, I haven't been able to stop. As someone with ADHD and anxiety, it gave me an all-important activity where I could 'fidget with purpose' and it has helped me enormously through the last few years. Not to mention, the knitting community is so incredible and has allowed me to make new and lasting connections all over the world.

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